AI vs. Human-Generated Content in Blogging: The Battle for the Future of Online Publishing


While reading through my follower’s comments and feedback on recent posts, one follower had a question that I expect many authors are receiving because of the recent buzz around AI. And yet while it was a bit of an odd query, as it wasn’t questioning the accuracy of the “what” (ex. content, or the intent) in the post, it was focused on the “who” (ex. AI, versus Human) and the question was a simple “Is this created via AI or a human”. My initial reaction was that this was a troll looking to spam the comment section. Were they questioning the accuracy of the information, did they feel that they are not getting value from the material (these blog posts are free to the follower/subscriber), ultimately I was perplexed.

Then I thought, maybe the comment was from someone that grew up in the age of hardcover dictionaries and had a multi-volume encyclopedia on their bookshelf and became frustrated watching the next generation using Google and the internet for research. As we have discussed in many previous posts, the adoption of large leaps in technology is difficult for some. Many that went to school prior to the internet and now are first hearing of AI, will naturally be sceptical of the technology and question whether it is cheating and can it be trusted. So rather than ignore the comment, we can explore it a bit further.


In today’s rapidly evolving digital landscape, the lines between human-generated content and artificial intelligence (AI) generated content are becoming increasingly blurred. As AI technology advances, it’s important to explore the differences between the two content creation methods in terms of quality, efficiency, and the overall user experience. In this blog post, we’ll delve into the pros and cons of AI-generated content versus human-generated content and discuss the potential future of blog posts in the age of AI.

The Difference Between AI and Human-Generated Content

  1. Creativity and Originality

Human-generated content benefits from the unique perspectives, emotions, and experiences of the individual writer. This often leads to more creative, engaging, and emotionally resonant content. On the other hand, AI-generated content is created using algorithms based on pre-existing data, which can limit originality and creativity. However, many believe that AI removes any underlying bias that a human may foster on the topic.

  1. Time and Efficiency

AI-generated content can be produced at a much faster rate than human-generated content. This is especially advantageous for businesses that need to create large amounts of content in a short time. However, the quality and accuracy of AI-generated content can vary, and it may require editing and revisions from a human. This is why a review and edit of all content being created is still required.

  1. SEO and Keyword Optimization

Both AI and human-generated content can be optimized for search engine performance. However, AI-generated content has the advantage of being able to analyze and incorporate keyword data more quickly and efficiently than humans.

Pros and Cons of AI vs. Human-Generated Content in Blog Posts

AI-generated Content:


  • Faster content creation
  • Cost-effective for businesses with significant content demands
  • Efficient keyword optimization


  • Limited creativity and originality
  • Potential for inaccuracies or lack of context
  • It may require human editing and revision

Human-generated Content:


  • Unique perspectives and creativity
  • Emotionally resonant content
  • A better understanding of context and nuance


  • Slower content creation process
  • Higher cost for businesses
  • Time-consuming keyword optimization

The Future of Blog Posts in the Age of AI

As AI technology continues to advance, we can expect AI-generated content to become more sophisticated and human-like. This could lead to an increased reliance on AI for content creation in various industries. However, human-generated content will still hold value, particularly in areas where creativity, personal experience, and emotional resonance are crucial.

In the future, we may see a hybrid approach to content creation, where AI-generated content is used as a starting point, and human writers are brought in to add creativity, context, and polish. This collaboration between AI and human creators could lead to a more efficient content creation process while still maintaining the unique qualities that only human-generated content can provide.


The debate between AI-generated content and human-generated content will likely continue as AI technology evolves. While AI-generated content offers benefits in terms of speed, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness, human-generated content still holds the edge when it comes to creativity, emotional resonance, and context. The future of blogging may lie in a balance between the two, with AI and human creators working together to produce high-quality, engaging content that appeals to readers and search engines alike.

No Decision, is Not a Decision

We are starting to get to a point where localities, states and the federal government are making decisions on how we “act” outside of our house. Do we wear masks, assume a six foot distance from our neighbor, occupy with less than 10 people, submit to a temperature checks as we walk into the grocery store and only visit “essential” businesses. We are now entering the tipping point of where common sense individuals get pushed to a breaking-point. The models have been a disaster and have unfortunately led many to interpret the numbers per their political leaning. It’s very easy for those getting a paycheck because they can work from home and have a consumer willing to accept their services virtually.

But what about the “non-essential” worker…The person that needs to feed their family, pay their rent or mortgage, has expenses that all of us have? The rhetoric of, unemployment insurance, go-fund-me sites and local charities will keep an eye-out for you is outrageous. Ultimately, who has the audacity to proclaim that a person’s occupation is “non-essential“?

Of course, there are many that are willing to place this label on a vast majority of the workforce. As many of us have witnessed, many retailers have been shut down because of this title. If you worked at these retailers, society relegated you as non-essential and at a bare minimum, you need to remember this post crisis. No one should ever be labeled as non-essential!! One kink in the chain can cripple the rest of us and it will ultimately trip-up the whole.

So, the solution is ultimately making a decision, define the baseline and the proposed outcome and evaluate the results. Without a decision, everything becomes a guess and leaves many gaps for interpretation and hyperbole. When someone can defend their decision, there is opportunity for a dialog.

Okay to Accept Error?

By now most fact based readers have witnessed that the original estimates related to positive cases and unfortunate death from COVID-19 are starting to prove untrue. The worst case scenarios of millions of deaths are nowhere near these estimates. Yes, the infectious rates and general spread of the virus are not acceptable by most citizens and there is still trepidation of what can still happen versus, what has happened. However, throwing darts at a dartboard and hoping for the best is not acceptable to a vast population. If we go back to original estimates and revisit the “million / hundreds of thousands” of deaths forecasts, we would have done anything to stop this from happening. You know what, we did, by forcing non-essential businesses from opening, schools from instructing, sports from participating and the general population from congregating in groups of 10 plus. We instituted a social distancing policy of being six feet away from our neighbors. We started wearing PPE like masks and gloves. We ran out of anti-bacterial products like wipes, gels and sprays. We even witnessed neighbors calling the police on neighbors for going outside their own homes. Yes. this may have flattened the curve, but so may have seasonal changes. I’m not here to debate our reaction to neighborhood rhetoric, but I do want to talk about taking a righteous stance.

We Prepared for The Worst

I think mentally, we have all prepared for the worst of situations. We read, saw, discussed the possibility of millions of individuals dying from a virus we had no control over. We added that extra sebaceous layer to our psyche, hoping that we would not unravel at the possibility of assumptions coming to fruition. Then things started to level out, or what some have called flattening of the curve. The extraordinary death toll estimates started to come down down exponentially and the worst case scenarios began to see a softening. We started to allocate resources to locales that underestimated their assets. We started to see hotspots appear in low exposure areas, requiring a repositioning of resources and material to address the anomaly. Fortunately we proved that we can pivot and adapt as required, as long as the scenario was not beyond reasonable forecasts. Soon hotspots were squelched and a dialog of optimistic “light at the end of the tunnel” started to happen in conversations. Was this time to start preparing for hyperphagia in our virus journey? Ultimately we knew what was incorrect based on data and what was skewed based on emotion.

Accepting Error

At this point we realize that our readers comments, posts and dialog were being prefaced by preconceived thought and ratification of emotion. No matter how much data, intellect and knowledge is applied to the conversation, our emotional well-being is always the ruling party. For instance, if my colleague had lost a loved one during the current crisis, no matter how much I mention underlying symptoms, or a predisposition to the impact that the virus may have to them, will go unheard. If we can segment the hard numbers, from the soft, perhaps we will begin to witness acceptance in the scenarios that envelope us all. It will always be a matter of separating emotion from fact.

Exploring, During a Stay at Home…

A few weeks back we received formal recommendation, guideline, pressure, suggestion…whatever you want to call it to stay home to help “flatten the curve” during this pandemic. Depending on what part of the world, or country you are in, people took the direction in their own way and either met heavy or no resistance to their decisions.

Some went about doing their daily routines without any modification (ex. wearing masks, gloves or other PPE to reduce exposure), while others went all-in and wore every piece of equipment they can find to protect themselves and / or others around them.

There are definitely people on each side of the debate that will (tell) you why they did, or are doing what you see. However, while taking a side and trying to justify a position could be a provocative post, I’m not going to go down that path at this moment. There is something less controversial at play.

Exploring on your own time

This is probably obvious to most, but there are multitudes of things that you can potentially experience for the first time while relegated to sheltering in place. Those that have existing hobbies are somewhat lucky, because they can now dive deeper, or wider into their respective activities. There are others that have always wanted to try something new…I have colleagues trying to learn new languages, playing musical instruments, experimenting with painting, gardening when the weather permits, exercising or really anything new just to get away from watching 24 hour news, jumping on social media, or worse sitting in front of their laptops and PCs beyond the eight plus hours of work they already did for the day. However, if you have kids that are on social media, perhaps this is a good time to explore what they are doing on these platforms, get more engaged and informed. (Link Regarding Social Media Apps Kids are Using)

The reason I said “on your own time” above is that this may be the only time we have, we have been asked to stay put, don’t travel, incorporate social distancing and while most of us have and eventually will complain again “I just don’t have the time” – we now do. As they say hindsight is 20/20 and to look back a few months from now and wish we would have used this time to “explore” would be a shame. You’ll undoubtedly get direction on what to wear and how to act when you go to the grocery store, but deciding what to do when back at home is in your hands.

Sacrificing Millions to Save Thousands…

We have seen this comment over the last few days, while we are eliminating the jobs, the livelihoods and the futures of millions of people in hopes that it saves the lives of thousands of our loved ones. This is an absolutely brutal decision that needs to be made daily and I’m certainly glad that I’m not the person responsible for making this decision, especially considering that it’s a no-win scenario. I can’t even imagine the conversation between a Baby Boomer who is thanking a Generation X, or Millennial for sacrificing their future in “hopes” of keeping them virus free. While they (Gen X, Millennials) may not be heading into battle, outfitted in camouflage and provided government issued ammunition, they are assuming debt (Trillions of dollars) and deferred futures / lifestyles with no reparations on the backend for the sacrifices made now.

Downward Cycle

There are families that will never recover from this crisis that may (or may not) last six to eight months. They may have been getting close to retirement (0 to five years) and they have a 401k, as pensions became unimaginable in modern day society and then they saw the stock market crash and their funds to even consider retiring (perhaps relinquish a position for the next generation) evaporate, indicating that retirement may no longer be attainable. We have also seen folks entering the workforce for the first time, hoping to become less dependent on others and then to get laid-off, or furloughed (gambling on a promise of a job), or just let-go (minus severance). These are individuals typically without medical insurance, rainy-day funds or a network of professional contacts that can get them engaged on interim employment while this all gets figured-out. I even hate to think about the families / individuals that decided in late 2019 that while the economy, environment was ripe for venturing out on your own, or fulfilling a lifelong dream of owning your own business and becoming independent. Then getting a federal, state or local notification that you are considered “non-essential” and need to shut down operations. The anxiety, stress and negative impact on a person’s mental health is unmeasurable.

The Numbers Game

Last week’s unemployment claims hit 6.65 million this is historic as the previous highest was the week before at 3.3 million which literally destroyed the previous record of 695 thousand in 1982. But why did I call this a numbers game, well it stems from the narrative above…what are we willing to risk? Let’s say that of the 7 million unemployed individuals there are 3 percent that now need mental health intervention (ex. suicide, alcohol, drug, gambling, domestic abuse scenarios), that’s roughly 210,000 people. As of this posting, we are currently at 5,900 deaths (USA) via COVID-19 which is not fully filtered by those with underlying ailments. Are we starting to play a balancing game…While we have direct control over forced economic shutdowns, we have limited control over the spread of the virus. But, do I approach the podium with an opening remark that says I am willing to sacrifice 210 thousand for the benefit of 5.9 thousand. Yes, this will be apples to oranges for some folks – but it will still be a burden that is inherited for years to come. The significant sacrifice will only be relevant to the impacted, with residual impact to the overall population.

Leading and Lagging Indicators – There is a whole world out there that lives by leading indicators and then another that swears by lagging indicators. Most like to know what may be in store (leading), while others are happy just confirming the known (lagging). I’m sure there are firms that have started exercising their artificial intelligence (AI), predictive analysis and neural networks against these simulations. These models may have been run and preliminary results available via published articles located deep in academia. Unfortunately, the way mainstream media news and information is disseminated and distributed, we may never see these results. If it doesn’t fit a specific narrative of the publisher, it is often passed over or massaged to meet that narrative. Years from now we may hear that an entity correctly predicted the impact on society, but hindsight is always 20/20 and it will buried in an editorial. Bottomline, we will always be the victims of emotional (society approved) themes and irrational decisions (fight or flight) commentary, which is consistently more ardent than fact based messaging.

No Easy Decisions

We were asked during our childhood to play games where we made unconscionable decisions…Would you kill “x” to save hundreds, or thousands of people?” Sometimes these were so easy to answer, you were wondering why you were even asked. But now the inverse is being asked, are you willing to sacrifice (livelihoods, savings, mental stability) of millions to save the thousands…a lot more provocative and pretty tough to quickly answer. No matter how to answer, you are damned if you do, or damned if you don’t. In conclusion, all I ask is that people think with both their hearts and their heads!!

The Continual Beatdown While Keeping Upbeat…?

I can’t be the only person that has to be experiencing this, but the unrelenting negative commentary, news, photos, predictions and even local weather are really testing the best of us. I wake-up hoping to hear that The Curve is flattening, I hope that someone mentions the economy is on the uptick, jobless claims are ramping down and even something as far fetched that positive cases have crested and are on the downward trend. However, assuming (regretfully acknowledging fact) that we (USA) are only on our second or third week of the crisis and depending on where you live and who you believe, it’s still pretty early in this saga. This puts us right back to where we were weeks ago, while you wish you could control things you can’t, you need to practice keeping Positive. Unfortunately, for some of us in the parts of the US where it’s still late Winter, or early Spring…it’s cold, rainy, sometimes snowy and often dreary outside. You may have colleagues that mention going out for a walk to keep their sanity and you wish you could do the same. However, this is just another straw on the proverbial back of the camel. So while you suck it up, wince a little at their triumphs and hope tomorrow brings a little sunshine and a moderately milder day, there is still more ahead in the tunnel of terror you will need to navigate.

I guess what I’m trying to convey is that no matter how much negative “information” you may subscribe to, or be an unwitting participant of, there is still more to be had at this moment and what you do to process it, is up to you. There are plenty of false saviors out there, such as movie stars, celebrities, influencers, musicians and other personalities that already live in artificial environments that are now providing support and/or guidance. But be aware, most are doing this out of a lack of attention, hits to the revenue stream, that has occurred since focus has been turned away from them and onto real-life situations. Let’s say I have a relative, or someone close to me suffering from the negative consequences listed above, a celebrity posting on TikTok, Instagram, or YouTube post will not ease my anxiety. Yet it will get them attention and admiration, especially as they check the “right thing to do” box. I don’t fault them if they truly believe they are assisting in the crisis, but as many have witnessed over the years selfless and discrete charity has done more than posting, for the sake of posting. However, if it makes you feel upbeat to have your favorite celebrity jump into the crisis fray, then so be it and enjoy the euphoric feelings.

In Summary

At the end of the day, only you can measure positivity and its impact on you. If you wake up in the morning in a better place than you went to bed in…then all the better. However, if you wake up looking for false deities and quick fixes, I would hope you remember that we are all in this together and often reaching out over the virtual table or even phone-line will have a greater impact on your day than not, plus it creates relevant relationships going forward.

Lemonade from Lemons…

Today I was the recipient of news that my favorite local news publisher, was ceasing operations going forward. Yes, print journalism is not viable in any fashion going forward, but others have found ways to go behind a successful paywall, or leverage advertising and diversity in their content to attract a wider audience. While I enjoyed the weekly print copy in my mail, I could see items relevant to my town or school district, it was often loaded with print advertisements to make it capable of being delivered weekly. The ads would be for merchants inside and out of my neighborhood, I would quickly peruse the 15 or 20 pages to see if there was a picture or article of interest and would often find minimal content that pulled me in, thus tossing the periodical into recycling. Back in the day, there may be an editorial written by a historian of the area…but that has long passed. Now we will find a political, sponsored or vanilla piece that has as much interest as the Reddit post that I just scrolled past. But you know what will be missed by the “Print” version of these outlets…the picture in its glorious black and white, color on inky paper. I had dozens of clipped pictures / articles that I would send to relatives about the exploits of my offspring.

Ironically, I have received over the last few years a physically mailed note from my parents about an article they saw in their local newspaper related to something that may have been going on in my neighborhood. I often was torn between saving the mailing and / or wondering why I received this from them nearly seven days after I read about it online. So with a guilty complex, I would save it for a few days and then ultimately toss in that weeks recycling. Bottom line, nostalgia is only worth as much as the person receiving the material and what they envision doin with the content. That being said, I want to propose the following to the local media providers / outlets. You need to fully understand the following before transformation:

Audience: Do you know who they are (you have subscription lists, social media follows, unsolicited comments and other interactions)

Contributors: Most engaged individuals (participants, audience, family members) are posting content about the event with disregard – They have become your reporters

Analytics: Do you know what articles have had the highest page views, clickthroughs and retention based on exposure

Demographics: Do you know who prefers online versus print, you know the segmentation of your audience (ex. age, sex, location, socio-economic…etc.)

Content Preference: Who prefers Sports, Cultural, Ethnic, Religious, Philanthropic content as this can be derived from various content streams that receive the most interaction and engagement

Delivery Preference: Where did you have your highest interaction – online, published or direct via social interaction.

Contributors: Who is most likely to contribute to the content – Family members, Students, Faculty or professionally hired resources

The Next Step…

If you fully understand the above observations and the desire for the general public to receive their news in a timely manner, but with personalization, I think you know the direction I’m going. Engage, Interact, Promote Participation and you create a “crowd sourced” media aggregator and the heavy lifting of content is taken care of by your advocates, while the detailed dissemination is provided by the professionals. Revenue is derived by personalization and retained audience.

Blueprint to Follow…

Keep Your Assets Fresh…

No, I’m not talking about daily hygiene, however there are some that should heed this recommendation. You know who you are.

What I am hoping to explain is that during a mandated “Stay at Home Advisory” via our local, state or federal government, there will never been a better time to retool, or at a bare minimum keep yourself fresh with the latest technology and professional offerings being provided (often at zero “temporary” membership fees) by many vendors. Companies are providing professional skills training and also high tech, pre-certification courses to the population in response to our current situation and we need to accept their offerings as required.

Some of the current offerings can be found at: (many more are available)

I would hope that after this period, you don’t look back and wish you spent a few hours a week, developing a new skill or polishing a skill that you may use daily, but haven’t explored the outer reaches of. There was a lot of buzz prior to the start of the year (2020) around, Artificial Intelligence, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud Computing, Predictive Analytics and numerous other cutting-edge technologies. Now that the world is taking a short pause, there is no better time to get a jumpstart on some of these concepts. Once we re-emerge from scenarios taken out of our control, why not be ahead of the competition and ready to lead the resurgence that most of us are anticipating going into 2021.

In just a matter of weeks, we will be back to long work weeks, short weekends and the limited bandwidth that never allows us to fill in the gaps within our skill set repertoire arsenal. Motivation may be waning at this point, but it’s your decision to execute or look for another excuse.

Isolation (Let's See How This Goes)

Winter to Spring – During this time of mandated self / social distancing, when you are formally asked to not “physically” interact with individuals, unfortunately many alternatives will lead to social media…fortunately, this is where you can choose to be the consumer, or the publisher of the messaging.

During these undetermined and apprehensive times ahead, I’m choosing to be the publisher.

But Mike, why so optimistic, things seem to be going from bad-to-worse? Well, the following are items that I hope to accomplish, or at a bare minimum attempt during this period: (keeping focused, keeps me calm)

  • Self instruction via e-learning and audio books
  • Develop a deeper understanding of technology (AI, RPA, DevOps, SaaS)
  • Healthier Habits
  • Organize my environment
  • Better my photography skills
  • More creativity on Instagram and YouTube

We are going to take this one day at a time and see how things shake-out. But in the meantime, here’s hoping for a quick start to Spring, more blogging ahead and a quick end to COVID-19.

Daily Image Seen on TV – March 2020