No Decision, is Not a Decision

We are starting to get to a point where localities, states and the federal government are making decisions on how we “act” outside of our house. Do we wear masks, assume a six foot distance from our neighbor, occupy with less than 10 people, submit to a temperature checks as we walk into the grocery store and only visit “essential” businesses. We are now entering the tipping point of where common sense individuals get pushed to a breaking-point. The models have been a disaster and have unfortunately led many to interpret the numbers per their political leaning. It’s very easy for those getting a paycheck because they can work from home and have a consumer willing to accept their services virtually.

But what about the “non-essential” worker…The person that needs to feed their family, pay their rent or mortgage, has expenses that all of us have? The rhetoric of, unemployment insurance, go-fund-me sites and local charities will keep an eye-out for you is outrageous. Ultimately, who has the audacity to proclaim that a person’s occupation is “non-essential“?

Of course, there are many that are willing to place this label on a vast majority of the workforce. As many of us have witnessed, many retailers have been shut down because of this title. If you worked at these retailers, society relegated you as non-essential and at a bare minimum, you need to remember this post crisis. No one should ever be labeled as non-essential!! One kink in the chain can cripple the rest of us and it will ultimately trip-up the whole.

So, the solution is ultimately making a decision, define the baseline and the proposed outcome and evaluate the results. Without a decision, everything becomes a guess and leaves many gaps for interpretation and hyperbole. When someone can defend their decision, there is opportunity for a dialog.