Guys Being Guys…

Thought I’d share a funny call I had today:

We have been working together for a few weeks to deploy a new “tool” for the Practice that helps to identify people within the practice that can ultimately work on projects, or answer questions related to a specific technology or skills. The team is worldwide, one fella is in Amsterdam, one in India, one in the Philippines and me in the US…the guys were awesome with English (always sad that I have no other language).

As we started to wrap up the meetings today, we were talking about size and weight of “men” across the world (something I assume women would be sensitive about, but guys can care less). The guy in India says he is 5’10” and 200 in India and is considered pretty large for out there, then the other from the Philippines says “I’m 5’8″ and 150 and considered overweight and pretty tall, the guy in Amsterdam says he is 5’7” 150 and feels pretty average (my gut says he is small based on guys I met in the Nordic region of the world).

They now ask me for measurements…do I go low, or do I produce actual measurements and get a response that I either expect, or feel a bit out-of-place? I decide to go actual and tell them I’m 6’5″ and about 280…they start mentioning wrestlers, actors and other large individuals that they have seen over time that were about the same size and can’t imagine what it would be like to be my size. In my mind, I’m laughing thinking that Tre, Coltrane and Miles are all bigger than them and what would they think about this group of big-guys meeting them in a dark alley. Ultimately, I remember they live in their own little worlds and get used to seeing what they see each day. Just guys talking about guys.

At the end of the call we wish we could all meet each other someday and more importantly, I wish they could meet my huge family!! The whole reason I write this is I could never imagine four women talking about their size and weight of each other (including family members) and at the end of the call laughing at the differences we all have!!